Driving Phobia

One of the first adult skills most people pick up is driving. It’s a huge step towards independence (assuming this skill comes with a car to drive).

For most people its just getting into a car and zooming off. Yeah. Not me.

I have a genuine fear of this basic life skill. I start anticipating and dreading a trip days before I have to drive. I plan out routes in my head, get myself all worked up about the busy junctions I’ll encounter on the trip. And lets not even talk about hitting the express!

So this week I decided to read up on “driving related anxiety”, and it turns out I’m not alone! Loads of people have this weird thing. Granted a lot of them have suffered traumatic experiences in a car. But I fall under the category of people afraid to drive as a result of performance anxiety. Basically being scared of how good I’m driving.

After a lot of research I found that the best way to overcome this fear is to get into the car and drive and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all week. And so far so good! I haven’t killed myself or anyone yet. I say my affirmation before getting into the car (“I’m a safe driver. I’ll arrive safely at my destination.”) and it’s really getting better each day.

Can you relate to this irrational fear?

One thought on “Driving Phobia

  1. Oh wow! This is so me. I even go as far as padding my journey time with about 30mins just to prep for all possible situations. Even if it means getting to my appointment ages early- I will take that over the on the road panics! #Notalone



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