“Don’t Let It Get To You”

Probably right up there on the list of “worst things to say when someone is upset and just trying to rant to you about it”

We all say it. I know I’ve said it before (loads of times). It’s a natural way to “wrap up” a conversation.

How on earth am I supposed to decide what gets to me? If I had this power NOTHING would get to me. I can’t control what gets to me. All I can control is my reaction to a situation.

On the plus side, when my friend said it to me this morning I stopped thinking about the situation and I was mad at the person instead – “that’s all you have to say??”. After a few minutes nothing was “getting to me”.

Your close friends are exhausting because you have to listen to all their issues just as they listen to yours. But I think this is one phrase we should TRY to avoid.


One thought on ““Don’t Let It Get To You”


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