Your Manners Excuse You


Disclaimer: I have no idea what this means means.

I woke up on Monday morning and this quote was stuck in my head from a random dream I had. The first thing I did was Google it (obviously). I was convinced I had heard it somewhere before and it somehow stuck with me. I didn’t get any hits with my search and this only made me think about it more.

I went through my entire morning routine trying to give different interpretations to these random words without being “too deep”.

This is my final analysis:

It’s a clever play on words, the phrase “excuse me” is probably the most common way of showing manners. I believe it just means that if you show good manners, you will be “excused” from a lot of things which you might not naturally get away with. This is the most logical explanation because in the dream I was politely trying to tell a successful woman how to run her business during an interview and she said this to me.

P.S. – The dream didn’t “end” so I have no idea if I actually got away with it.



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