Summer Body, No Destination

For a “skinny” person I’ve never really been happy with my body.

The biggest I’ve ever been is a size 8. But like most Nigerian girls I struggled with my tummy. And let’s be honest…what’s the point of being a size 6 if you don’t have a flat stomach?

I have this endless cycle of “I really need to work hard and get the body I want” to “you know what? I’m just gonna live life and enjoy food”. So basically I’ve tried all sorts of diets and fitness programs.

NOW I am finally at my dream body. I am slim, toned, stomach on flat flat, but broke AF! Well…broke meaning it would be stupid to spend my savings on a holiday right now.

Maybe in another post I’ll talk about how I finally achieved my body goals.

For now let me go check for local holidays. This body must not waste!!!


One thought on “Summer Body, No Destination


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