Unbothered or Cautious?

In the usually city rush hour haste to go home after a day’s work, I bumped into a lady I initially thought was drunk. It only took a minute to notice the limp in her walk and her bruised eye, her lips quivered as she cried with head timidly bowed down like one clearly battered by abuse.

In the midst of the rush hour crowd, some looked at her in curious stare, others intentionally looked away but not one person said a word. No hand of concern on her shoulder.

This got me thinking unbothered or cautious? Are we too selfish and focused on our own problems to see the pain in other people’s eyes? Or maybe we look away not to inflict more embarrassment? Or has the coldness of the world today taught us to apply caution before we lend a helping hand or even show people their pains are not invisible?

One thought on “Unbothered or Cautious?


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