Good Skin or Good Body?

Ideally, both. But we can’t all be so lucky.

In an earlier post I mentioned finally meeting my body goals. What I didn’t mention was that this came with a side of acne. I THINK the acne is mainly from replacing my breakfasts with an espresso. The thing is, I love breakfast, easily my favourite meal of the day. But I noticed that once I start my day off with a good breakfast I’m pretty much hungry the entire day – not ideal for weight loss.

After a lot of research I decided to adjust my lifestyle and basically practice intermittent fasting. For me this meant only eating between 12pm and 8pm everyday. Works wonders but it means I’m highly dependent on that espresso to get through the mornings. So yeah, good body, basic skin.

Anyways! Since its a new month I’ve decided to slowly start working out again. Might as well take this body to the next level and become healthier generally. Who knows…maybe a little more hydration might even fix my skin problems.


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