To Love Again?

Starting a new job can be tough.

Like a new relationship, you come into it wondering if you still carry baggages from the old job.

Especially if the former job ended badly and your former superiors let you know they weren’t pleased with you exiting, your work input or results.

You start to wonder, was I committed enough?

Did I show her that I loved her enough?

Did I make her feel wanted?

Did I make her feel like she deserved me or I was settling?

Did I care about her feelings enough?

Was I there for her and present while at it?

If the job ended via a nasty breakup  and you were at the other end of the stick – then it’s a different set of questions.

Did I miss the signs?

Did I not see that she was cold to me?

Her friends didn’t seem to smile at me any longer.

I should have left her long ago, I was scared what she might become of her.

I felt her world revolved around me, I wanted to be there for her.

Her hero and martyr.

But alas I see that it was all in my mind,

She seems to be doing alright now. The replacement boyfriend seems to love her so much. I just hope it lasts and they’re happy.

It now leads to us forming new biases on how we’ll be on our next job.

Oh I’ll put myself first. I need to be selfish about my career.

I’m not even sure I believe in love again.

I cannot come and kee myself jore, the work will never finish.

These prejudices and mind sets will definitely have effects on the new job.

But what else can a new boyfriend do afterall?

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