Sorry Not Sorry…

As females, society has often decided what is acceptable for us to say, do or even think. We are told how (and when!) to feel, what to want, and what to prioritise with no explanation beyond because “you are female”.

While feminism has enabled us some  progress in political and economical equality, socially we still seem to lag behind because at the very least our mothers will tell us, no matter who you are outside the home, once you are home drop all that at the door and still be everything – a mother, a wife, a cook, a cleaner, the least goes on! Because you still remain primarily responsible to keep your home…and if you’re the main earner? (total abomination to repeat that in public). Quite honestly we have been so hard wired that even we feel somewhat uncomfortable owning that in public (I’ll save that for a different day before I digress).

But no world, because I am who I am I shall feel what I feel in the moment I do, I will aspire to greatness as far as my mind lets me. I shall do what agrees with my conscience, and speak as my spirit leads. Oh when home?  I shall expect my partner to pull his weight in all aspects of our life because hell he is not with an average person and he is getting a damn good deal.  Oh before I forget, sorry in advance because I will not be sorry for simply being me (sigh looks like the hard wiring still got me apologising…baby steps ladies we will make it).

One thought on “Sorry Not Sorry…


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