Good Skin or Good Body?

Ideally, both. But we can’t all be so lucky.

In an earlier post I mentioned finally meeting my body goals. What I didn’t mention was that this came with a side of acne. I THINK the acne is mainly from replacing my breakfasts with an espresso. The thing is, I love breakfast, easily my favourite meal of the day. But I noticed that once I start my day off with a good breakfast I’m pretty much hungry the entire day – not ideal for weight loss.

After a lot of research I decided to adjust my lifestyle and basically practice intermittent fasting. For me this meant only eating between 12pm and 8pm everyday. Works wonders but it means I’m highly dependent on that espresso to get through the mornings. So yeah, good body, basic skin.

Anyways! Since its a new month I’ve decided to slowly start working out again. Might as well take this body to the next level and become healthier generally. Who knows…maybe a little more hydration might even fix my skin problems.

No One Told Me…

I had been told all about the joys of motherhood; how magically the pain of childbirth disappears the moment you hold your little one, the excitement of each process from watching the first steps to the sprout of the first tooth, and how the toothless smiles makes every effort worth it (the list goes on!). And yes each of this I have felt and I still feel as I watch my little one blossom. But no one told me…

No one told me on my return to work I will struggle (though mostly internal struggles) to find a balance between being a mum and still chasing a career. No one told me I would lose my identity because people would only identify me as a mum with an expectation my existence will solely revolve around my child. Why didn’t anyone tell me about the hormone driven night sweats, hair loss and the consistent feeling of being drained that I fear to tag depression?

No one told me the strain this would put on my marriage or that a full night sleep is over till further notice. No one told me I’d hate my own reflection because even 10 months after, my body is nothing like I’ve ever known it (4th Trimester!).

Because no one told me, I’ll tell you.

Summer Body, No Destination

For a “skinny” person I’ve never really been happy with my body.

The biggest I’ve ever been is a size 8. But like most Nigerian girls I struggled with my tummy. And let’s be honest…what’s the point of being a size 6 if you don’t have a flat stomach?

I have this endless cycle of “I really need to work hard and get the body I want” to “you know what? I’m just gonna live life and enjoy food”. So basically I’ve tried all sorts of diets and fitness programs.

NOW I am finally at my dream body. I am slim, toned, stomach on flat flat, but broke AF! Well…broke meaning it would be stupid to spend my savings on a holiday right now.

Maybe in another post I’ll talk about how I finally achieved my body goals.

For now let me go check for local holidays. This body must not waste!!!